Northweststorage and fulfillment inc.

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Sell across North America from our warehouse in Canada

Services we provide

Shipping & Export/Import Services

We can provide the best rates for shipping, customs clearance and transferring goods between Canada and USA

Receiving & Inspecting

Ensure the quality before shipping to your customer. We quickly receive and inspect the products for shipping to your customers from Amazon, eBay, Shopify and etc.


We offer a great solution for customers whose goal is to create commodity stocks in Canada, forwarding, export/import operations, and wholesale trade.


In case you need to purchase from online stores in Canada and USA, the company provides services for obtaining orders for the warehouse and shipping to the destination country

Added Value Services

Added value services significantly reduce the final cost and shorten the time of products delivery, as well as significantly expand the capabilities of the company’s customers

Additional Services

This section presents the entire list of additional services.

Our achievements

Total years experience
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How we work?

You send goods

We receive your goods

We store your goods first month for FREE

Send directly to your customer

We inspect & package


Our achievements

Hight quality

We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience. All products are certified and shipped to us from trusted suppliers.

Best possible price

We buy in bulk from our partners, which allows us to offer you a price without extra changes. Complying with all brand requirements.

Brands you know

Buy products of trusted brands with a large assortment and explore new brands.

The main advantages of working with Northprep

Company location

Convenient company location near sea ports, Amazon warehouses and the USA border

Multilingual service

Simple pricing

Clear and simple pricing, in which customer knows how much he will have to pay in advance

Fast turnaround


Consolidation of shipments

Use of the warehouse address of the company

Storage for the first month

Shipping to FBA Amazon warehouse

We provide cheapest rates for shipping & customs clearance!



Northwest Storage & Fulfillment Incorporated
402 – 9502 Erickson Drive,
Burnaby, BC, V3J7B5, Canada


Yes, we work with large and small sellers. $50 CAD is the minimum cost of maintenance.
We accept several methods of payment:
  • By credit card, Visa, and Mastercard;
  • PayPal;
  • Bank transfer payment to the account in Canadian RBC Bank.

Upon receipt of your goods and agreement to the list of required services, we issue an invoice.

Yes, we do. The size of our warehouse and availability of loaders allow us to receive large amounts of cargo, including pallets.

No, we do not  cooperate with liquidation companies and their cargoes.

Yes, we can do this if you give us limited access to your Amazon account. If you allow access to your seller account by API, we will be able to upload information for printing labels, and enter the weight and dimensions of the goods sent. This will greatly accelerate the process of preparing the goods for shipment to the Amazon FBA.

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