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Receiving & Inspecting (Pick & Pack)

About service

It is the most popular service among Northprep customers. “Pick & Pack” allows ensuring the quality control of the goods, to store them for free up to the one month and quickly prepare the goods for sending to customers from Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. It is an irreplaceable service for sellers whose products are returned by buyers.



$2 CAD / unit

Package Processing – “Pick & Pack”includes

It includes the following items:

  • Receiving;
  • Overview;
  • Inventory;
  • Removal of extraneous labels;
  • Label printing and labeling;
  • Packing;
  • Repacking (including zippy bags, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials);
  • Sending;
  • Photographing visible damages and sending these photos to the customer;
  • Free storage for up to one month;
  • Storage of paper documents for one year;
  • Refusal to receive goods to the warehouse with visible damage of the package and filling all the necessary documents for return (if necessary).


It doesn’t include the following items:

  • Transportation costs;
  • Unloading;
  • Testing and validation.


$65 CAD

the minimum cost of maintenance
Important: If a product is sold as a set, the weight and dimensions are the combined total of all of the items in the set packaged together.

This price applies to a standard size item. A standard-sized item is one that, when fully packaged, weighs 20 lb. or less and does not exceed: 8” x 8” x 8”. Any item exceeding these dimensions is considered oversized and the cost of its processing and storage will be calculated individually.

Free consolidation


Customer creates a shipment plan from the warehouse by himself. He coordinates it with the company manager at least 12 hours before the planned shipment.


Customer creates the necessary labels by himself and sends them in PDF format to the manager at least 12 hours before the scheduled shipment.


Shipment from the warehouse is made after receiving 100% payment for the provided services.


Payment is accepted through direct bank transfers to the bank account, PayPal, credit and debit cards, Visa, MasterCard.


Delivery is carried out through the selected transport companies at their rates.

We provide cheapest rates for shipping & customs clearance!


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