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About Us

About Northprep

Northprep is the most reliable 3PL logistics and fulfilment partner in Canada. We offer foreign companies the opportunity to sell their goods from our warehouse in Canada and the United States. Outsource one of the toughest services of fulfilling your orders to us and get the first month of storage for FREE.

Also we provide cheapest rates for shipping & customs clearance.

Please send us inquiry and we find the best solution for you.

Currently, Northprep operates one warehouse in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. The logistics company is working on the warehousing system in the central and eastern Canada, and the United States.

The main advantages of working with Northprep

Company location

Convenient company location near sea ports, Amazon warehouses and the USA border

Multilingual service

Simple pricing

Clear and simple pricing, in which customer knows how much he will have to pay in advance

Fast turnaround


Consolidation of shipments

Use of the warehouse address of the company

Storage for the first month

Shipping to FBA Amazon warehouse

We provide cheapest rates for shipping & customs clearance!


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