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Storage in Vancouver, Canada

About service

Great solution for customers, whose goal is to create commodity stocks in Canada, forwarding, export/import operations, wholesale trade.


$65 CAD / month for pallet.

Storage includes

It includes the following items:

  • Receiving;
  • Overview;
  • Removal and labeling general label on the overall packaging of the pallet;
  • Free storage for up to one month;
  • Sending;
  • Photographing visible damages and sending these photos to the customer;
  • Storage of paper documents for one year;
  • Refusal to receive goods to the warehouse with visible damage of the package and filling all the necessary documents for return (if necessary).

It doesn’t include the following items:

  • Transportation costs;
  • Unloading;
  • Sorting;
  • Unpacking content;
  • Checking the completeness and working capacity, content;
  • Removal and replacement the damaged part of the package.

This service is an unlimited option for those whose business is related to trading on Amazon, eBay, Shopify and other platforms in North America. There is an opportunity to create small commodity stocks for long-term storage of samples, small consignments, small cargo, return goods, and waiting for consolidation.

Price: $1 CAD / cubic foot per month.

It includes: storage period up to one month following the expiration, free monthly storage period in the “Pick and Pack” service.

Conditions: Applicable only with the “Pick and Pack” service.

Storage of Boxes, Packages includes


$65 CAD

the minimum cost of maintenance
  • There are no restrictions on the number, weight, size and frequency of supplies;
  • Cargo is accepted only on pallets;
  • Customer creates a shipment plan from the warehouse by himself. He coordinates it with the company manager at least 12 hours before the planned shipment.
  • Customer creates the necessary labels by himself and sends them in PDF format to the manager at least 12 hours before the scheduled shipment.
  • Shipment from the warehouse is made after receiving 100% payment for the provided services.
  • Payment is accepted through direct bank transfers to the bank account, PayPal, credit and debit cards Visa, MasterCard.

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