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Yes, we work with large and small sellers. $50 CAD is the minimum cost of maintenance.
We accept several methods of payment:
  • By credit card, Visa, and Mastercard;
  • PayPal;
  • Bank transfer payment to the account in Canadian RBC Bank.

Upon receipt of your goods and agreement to the list of required services, we issue an invoice.

Yes, we do. The size of our warehouse and availability of loaders allow us to receive large amounts of cargo, including pallets.

No, we do not  cooperate with liquidation companies and their cargoes.

Yes, we can do this if you give us limited access to your Amazon account. If you allow access to your seller account by API, we will be able to upload information for printing labels, and enter the weight and dimensions of the goods sent. This will greatly accelerate the process of preparing the goods for shipment to the Amazon FBA.

Yes, the consolidation of goods in our warehouse is free. Your goods can be stored for free in our stock during the month.

All outgoing shipments made by third parties are paid by you at the rates of these companies.

Usually the parcels are processed and shipped next day after they are received at our warehouse. In the case of a large warehouse load, we guarantee the processing of your cargo within no more than 3 working days. We work from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 Pacific Time. Please note that if your shipment arrived after 5:00 pm, it will be processed the next business day.

A standard-sized item is one that, when fully packaged, weighs 20 lb. or less and does not exceed: 20” x 20” x 20”. Any item exceeding these dimensions is considered oversized.

Important: If a product is sold as a set, the weight and dimensions are the combined total of all of the items in the set packaged together.

To start working with Northwest Storage & Fulfillment Incorporated it is necessary to fill out the application form, placed in the personal account, with the obligatory indication of contact information of the client.

After receiving the application, representative of the company contacts and negotiates with the client further terms of cooperation and provides him the address of the warehouse for further shipment of the products.

You need to log in to your Personal Account and create a plan for sending this shipment of goods. You must specify all the options that need to be done with this lot (checking, repacking, labeling, etc.), provide shipping labels with the shipping address and all the necessary information, and specify the carrier company.

There is a button labeled “Personal Account” in the upper right corner of the page. Click on it, go through a short registration and send the first shipment of goods to our warehouse.

OA stands for online arbitration. This is a sales model when you buy a batch of goods from another retailer and send it to a third-party warehouse. There it is repacked and all information about the previous seller is removed (invoices, stickers, advertising brochures, etc.), then prepared for FBA Amazon warehouses according to the rules of this web site, and sent to Amazon.

You pay $2 CAD for each item delivered to our warehouse. This price includes the necessary operations for processing your goods, storage for a month and packing materials, except boxes. We strive to use your old boxes, in which the goods come to our warehouse, but if necessary, we can offer you new boxes, their cost is negotiated individually.

No, you only pay for specific services that will be provided to you when working with your cargo.

Our prep center is located in the Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. We are located in close proximity to the FBA Amazon warehouse in New Westminster, located at 109 Braid Street New Westminster, BC V3L5H4, Canada. This enables us to provide customers free delivery of goods from our warehouse to the specified Amazon FBA warehouse (apply to consignments of more than 50 units). The exact address of our warehouse we provide to customers after registering  on our website.

You can be absolutely sure of us – our company isn’t a seller on Amazon or eBay, we concentrate all our efforts on providing high-quality service for our customers, excluding any conflicts of interests. We also have a privacy policy that keeps all your information safely secured.

You always know in advance how much you will be charged. No calculations are needed, one simple and constant price for the dimensional goods will be charged.

Shipment of goods from our warehouse is made after receiving 100% advance payment for services.

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